Wedding Cakes

& Dessert Tables

Specialists in making plant-based wedding cakes, we offer a range of different finishes including full buttercream frosting, naked and semi-naked decorated cakes. All sponges and frostings are interchangeable so feel free to mix and match according to you preference and theme. Buttercream can be made in an assortment of colours (pink, yellow, green, blue) using natural plant extract powders.

We decorate all of our cakes with fresh flowers, dried flower petals, fresh berries, freeze-dried fruit, nuts chocolate etc. If you wish to have specific flowers to match your theme then you can have your florist deliver some to us or we can try source them for a small extra cost.

We offer a range of traditionally flavoured wedding cakes but also love using unique flavour additions in order to add a depth of taste to our creations. Some of these include, but are not limited to, cardamom, rosemary, mint, cherry, chai spice, orange, rose and all kinds of nuts, These can be added to our sponges or incorporated into the centre to make your cake extra special! Feel free to talk to us about the possibilities!
Dessert tables are a lovely alternative to a traditional wedding cake. You can include a number of different cakes, cupcakes or slices for your guests to choose from.


Please get in touch for more information regarding sizes, prices and flavours. Let us know your needs & tell us about your dream wedding cake!