Unique Cake Creations

Each cake crafted at Wild Sage is a unique design decorated with seasonal leaves, flowers, nuts or seeds. All cakes are palm oil free, frosted with coconut based cream (instead of buttercream) and are 100% plant based.

All orders are to be collected from the

Wild Sage Bakery kitchen,

1st Floor, Roundy's Bar, 5 Brogue Maker's Ln, Gallowsfields, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 NA46

Christmas Specials

Wild Sage Christmas Hamper

- € 49

Mince pies - gf

x 6 - € 15

Almond croissants

x 4 - € 18

Orange & almond biscotti

x 4 - € 12

Chai cinnamon rolls

x 6 - € 18

Gingerbread stars - gf

x 6 - € 12

Chocolate cherry almond tart -gf

- € 45

Lemon berry tart - gf

- € 45

Spiced apple, pecan & date caramel cake - gf

- € 45

CAKE shop

Vanilla Sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Chocolate Sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Lemon sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Coffee Sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Hazelnut sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Almond sponge

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Lemon tart

9'' in size

Carrot cake

7" or 9" Cake / Cupcakes

Banoffee Pie

8'' in size

Chocolate and raspberry tart

10'' long

wild sage philosophy

Everything we make is 100% plant-based, made with care and using natural ingredients. Our wish is to create food that is nourishing for one's mind, body, soul and the earth. We feel that this is best done by making and baking with love, kindness and following principles of non-violence.

We love plants and have a deep reverence for nature and all things wild. We try to incorporate this into the Wild Sage kitchen and life as much as possible. Selena, creator & owner of Wild Sage, mindfully forages with the seasons, collecting things each year like elderflowers, elderberries, blackberries, wild garlic, sloes, hawthorn & crab apples and makes jams, syrups and preserved to add to cakes & desserts. We use many seasonal fruits and berries in our creations and also the majority of edible flowers and leaves used to decorate our cakes are grown at home & tended to by Selena.